Saturday, 10 August 2013

It's Been A While.....

Hey everyone, so it's been quite a while since my last update huh? Sorry about that, kinda forgot i even had it to be honest at times! :( But a few recent comments on my blog from some of you reminded me about it and i thought i'd come back and give you all a quick update for your time. 

I'm actually really surprised by how many views this blog is still getting, so thank you to those of you that still stop by every now and again and have a check :) 

So back to the good! So since my last update I've dropped the Supernova Elite run, i don't have a graph to show you as my SSD hard drive got full and i had to delete my poker database and start again with it. So i only have my hands since about May i think which i will post a little further down for you. But basically i decided to quit because it was just too much for me, the hours were insane and i was running horribly like $10k below AIEV i think if i remember correctly. My game was also just going downhill on almost a daily basis because of the massive hours i was having to put in, along with the increased hands per hour that i was not used to playing. 

Since deciding to stop my SNE run I've basically done the exact opposite actually of my first few months of this year, which is concentrate on winning money at the tables and improving my overall poker game rather than making as much rakeback as possible. So to let you know just how drastic my changes have been i played somewhere around 310k hands of poker in January, and in the last 5 months I've played fewer hands than that one month haha It's not all bad though as i have made more money than i did in January (wouldn't be hard though) :) So i was playing 6 tables of ZOOM back then and now i'm playing half that amount and getting less than 1/2 the hands per hour as i'm taking more time over my decisions and trying to learn from my mistakes rather than auto-piloting my way to 12k hands every day. 

This is the graph since i started my new database, not since my last update, but i don't have those hands anymore i'll probably post a full year graph in December when i ask for my HH's from Pokerstars. 

So most of that is 100nl as when i stopped my SNE run i had to move down to re-coup some of my losses before going back up to 200nl again. You can probably tell where i moved back up actually by looking at the graph, but it was around the ~190k hands mark there. Here is the same graph in big-blinds:

So really happy with my game right now, since quitting my SNE run I've been spending a lot of time on Skype posting hand histories to some great players (some fish too) :D and they've been helping a tremendous amount. I've also been working on my ranges and have changed those drastically in last 2 days also, so time will tell how those now affect my game, hopefully for the better :) 

For the past 231k hands as you can see my winrate has been 3.89bb/100 which i'm really happy with, having a bit of a heater at 200nl at the minute too which is always more than welcome! I am running a bit above EV though, my EV bb/100 is a little over 3bb/100, which is still reasonable, i don't mind running over EV though as i ran sooo much below to start the year, just getting back what's owed imo :D 

So that's it i guess, just thought i'd give you a quick update on where my game is right now and what i'm doing with poker. Hopefully i'll be able to keep on improving and keep that winrate climbing so that i can continue to move up through the stakes and make some serious cash :) 

Good luck all, let me know if there is anything else you'd like to see me post about other than or as well as poker in here. Thanks, Mike. 


  1. hey mate, cool blog. i just created a new blog and would really appreciate it if you would follow it. best of luck grinding!

  2. Nice!
    Gotta say though, that colour font and background are messing my eyes up!

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